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pollarding of poplar tree

reduction of blue cedar

removal of conifer hedge

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removal of silver birch

pollarding of willow tree


hedge trimming & tree reduction

Removing leylandii trees

Spike Yeoman

Outstanding work by a local tree surgeon called Martin Riley. For years we have been plagued by these overgrown leylandii trees which have blocked out the sun for hours in the morning, and been the nesting home for pigeons. So four neighbours approached the trees' owner, who is an elderly gentleman who couldn't afford to maintain his trees anymore and with his permission we employed a tree surgeon to remove the trees. 

After searching the Internet for local tree surgeons and receiving several quotes, my wife was fortunate enough to notice Martin's mobile number on his van. Within hours of phoning Martin, he came round to my address, assessed the situation and gave me a quote there and then which was considerably lower than the other quotes. 

Martin and his team removed four huge trees from a very limited space, chipped all the branches and cleaned up the site afterwards to the highest standard. The photos taken say it all and to sum up, all I can say is if you want a totally reliable and professional tree surgeon, take mine and my neighbours' word for it, phone Martin Riley for a quote, you will not be disappointed.

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